Semi-OT: PMac 6100 DOS

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 15:41:54 2002

 Oops my mistake I didn't notice he said the connector was on the Dos card.
The description of the 3row 26 pin connector does resemble an HDI-45 tho.


> > Chris , I'm sorry, you're totally wrong. The 26 pin connector is for an
> >Apple Audio Vision monitor. No F--king Dongle.
> I said a number of times, I have NOT used the DOS card that works with
> the 630/6100... and that is the card in question.
> But I CAN tell you that EVERY OTHER dos card Apple made, needs a video
> dongle... and they ALL connect via a DB-26 connector on the back of the
> DOS card... which is exactly what the person described on the back of
> their DOS card.
> Now, it is quite possible that Apple put an AppleVision port on the
> 630/6100 DOS card, why, I would have NO idea, since the 630 can't use an
> applevision monitor... but maybe they did.
> HOWEVER, on the back of the 6100... is an HDI-45 video port... THAT is an
> AppleVision video port. That is NOT the same thing as the DB-26 on the
> DOS cards. Totally different port, totally different function.
> BUT... I have heard that you do not need a video dongle with the 630/6100
> DOS card... I just can't confirm it one way or the other... and again,
> since they are describing EXACTLY what will happen to a Quadra 610
> Houdini DOS card if the dongle is not connected... I felt it was a good
> guess that they might in fact need one.
> Now I am REALLY going to have to get 630/6100 DOS card... just so I can
> figure out once and for all if it needs a video dongle (or do you prefer
> the term... video loopback connector)
> -chris
> <>
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