VAXBI fun continues - seeking DEBNT installation docs

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 16:39:09 2002

> Ethan Dicks wrote:
>ports. No DMB32 or anything like that (not that I would mind
>one of _those_ either).

        If only you'd asked 18 months ago :-)

>As you can see, it's a full boat - 16MB of RAM in 5 cards. I'd
love to
>run across an inexpensive MS820-CA or two. I wouldn't mind pulling

        If only you'd asked ... :-(

>MS820-AAs out, but 16MB is an OK amount of memory for a single
user. I'm
>also on a long-term quest for free or nearly free KA825 boards -
I'd be
>nice to bring this up to an 8350.

        If ... No, done that enough for one email.

        If you can get three KA820s (or KA825s)
        you should be able to get that to work too!
        (But you cannot mix KA820 & KA825).

>right from looking at where the Lance chip is on the DEBNT. If
>has installation instructions, particularly cabling instructions,
>those would be very helpful.

        The Owner's Manual is available at:


        as is the Installation Guide.

        I *thought* I'd also scanned and sent an
        install guide for one of the VAXBI ethernet
        options, but I guess not.

        When I had one in the lab, my VAX 8350
        just mostly worked so I don't have too much
        experience of playing with the ethernet.
        The DSB32 and DMB32, and the CPU(s)
        and memory were all pretty straightforward.
        The only funny I remember with ethernet is
        that you need to cable up a little bit extra
        for the power required by the AUI in
        the bulkhead. But that may well have been
        the VAX 6000 ...

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