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<< So far, all I've found is two or three references to it on IBM's site.
 Nothing comes up for the part number 40G1041. At least, I think it's the
 part number-- it looks like all the other part numbers. Pretty sure it's on
 topic too, at least the 82365s on the back are dated '92. Anyone know what
 the settings are? It's got a 4-position DIP switch for `SLOT ADDR, `IRQ',
 and `ROM ADDR', and also a slide-switch marked `BLK1 BLK0'. I wonder what
 that does.
 I hope I can put this thing to use--it's really pretty nice, at least to
 look at. It's got little solenoids to physically lock the cards in the
 slot. Only trouble (aside from not knowing what it's set for) is that it's
 just a hair too wide to fit into the two computers I've tried it in so far.
 Hope I can find something to put it in!
Sounds like it fits the IBM PS/2 E, machine type 9533.

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