Sokolov Compression & gzcompat

From: Doc <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 22:33:06 2002

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Clint Wolff (VAX collector) wrote:

> A veritable one man show is that Michael Sokolov...

  But wasn't that his proposal for building a SuperVAX that someone
forwarded a couple of weeks ago? After reading that, I felt like I'd
had sex. Really *good* sex.

> I've got a version of his uncompress somewhere that runs on FreeBSD,
> and the sources could be compiled on other *nixes...

  Roughly 2.4 seconds after I hit "send" on that post, it occured to me
to just try building the gzcompat source in NetBSD. Duh.
  If that won't fly, I may ask you to dig it up.

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