elobby on ebay

From: Chad Fernandez <fernande_at_internet1.net>
Date: Thu Mar 14 22:57:08 2002

I was looking at his feedback earlier today. lucite-bakelite seems to
deal with one other Ebayer over and over again. I looked at one of the
auctions and it was some sort of packaging thing. Weird.

He actually does have one item I may bid on. He has a single device
case cable. It's a little longer than I need, but they don't seem to
come up in my searches on Ebay.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Russ Blakeman wrote:
> Even if you didn't have anything about him - he has 9 negatives within a
> year and only 150 unique positives - that should give you a hint.
> Some people have done alright with him, the bulk either live through it and
> never buy again, others end up going through the motions with ebay and him.
> Just looked at my blocked bidder list and no I didn't enter any of his old
> aliases since they bumped hi before he became a problem.
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