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From: Sellam Ismail <foo_at_siconic.com>
Date: Fri Mar 15 03:19:07 2002

On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, Ethan Dicks wrote:

> I'll write him directly, but I wanted to mention a $0.75 thrift-store
> purchase - a correspondence course in computer programming, complete
> with sample punch cards, focusing on the 1401 as the target processor.

Oooh, what was the title?

> I'm sure it was from an estate . Got a couple of OS/360 books for $0.50
> the same day. Never saw anything good at that thrift store again and now
> it's closed (a real shame... it was 2 blocks from my house; I used to
> have two thrifts within walking distance, and they are both gone now).

I have several locally (not within walking distance, which is probably a
good thing) but the best one closed down. I pulled a lot of good stuff
out of there in the couple years they were open.

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