Any information on Genrad 2620?

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Fri Mar 15 16:35:23 2002

> Eric,

I posted the reply that that all Genrads I've seen were
testers. I didn't post about having a chance to buy one.

> I have a Genrad unit that I picked up out of a scrap yard. I thought it
> was just an external 8" floppy drive but when I opened it up I found it had
> a complete PDP-11/23 system in it along with a hard drive! It even has
> RSX-11M installed on it. It was a controller for some kind of circuit
> board test station. My advice is to buy it if it doesn't cost much. Nice
> things come in small packages!

This is the case for a lot of test systems.
Eric Dittman
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