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From: William R. Buckley <>
Date: Sat Mar 16 01:53:00 2002

Quietly I observe this debate. Yet, I feel most for Jay, given my own
history of operating an organisation to which others subscribed: the
International Core Wars Society. Eventually, the subscribers came to
feel that they owned what was my personal property (not that the Classic
Computers list is anyone's personal property). So, with time, I relented,
giving up all of my property rights for the benefit of Core War generally.
The result, the ICWS is now a defunct organisation.

Moral: Jay, given that you were granted control, and given that others
were fully satisfied with your having such control (and the attendent
responsibilities), it is clear that you should not give up such control
(lest the list go the way of the ICWS) and you should stick to your

My vote is for Jay!

William R. Buckley

Sellam Wrote....
> Ok, this is where I object. It is NOT your list. This list

That's funny you should say that now Sellam, because you were the first one
to post to me privately during the great "reply-to" debate that "it is your
list, take care of it well....", and "you make the rules... do what you
wish". I will go dig up your past private email to me that said just that if
you would like. You have also posted words similar to that on the list in
the past, I noted them well. I find it interesting that you are suddenly
changing your tune. Does your past stance on this issue no longer mesh with
your adgenda perhaps?

> I don't want you to be the one to decide solely
> how it is run. I, for one, would like some input on issues.

You do get some input. I listen. However I also make the final
determination. If you don't like it, or feel that I don't get reasonable
input from the list members, please feel free to start an alternate list -
that appears to be your motivation in any case.

> That was true before. Unfortunately, the list has now been infiltrated
> with spammers, which is quite unfortunate.

Infiltrated with Spammers? See Jerome's recent post on this topic for a
reality check Sellam.

> Kill all off-topic messages (start with this one) as well as
> spam.

That statement is what a flamer would call a "target rich environment". I
think I'll leave the gauntlet on the ground.

> Jay, don't take this too personally, but that answer SUCKS! When will you
> be "damn well ready"? The list asked for a solution several weeks ago. I
> think it's time to finally do something.

Sellam, you're trying to bait me. I'm not falling for it. Live with it.

Jay West
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