Response to Re: List Management - RESPONSE

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Sat Mar 16 08:54:16 2002

Well said!

Lets not foolishly try to hold Jay responsible for the actions of the list
members (pun intended).

Steve Robertson wrote:

> >Jay, don't take this too personally, but that answer SUCKS! When will you
> >be "damn well ready"? The list asked for a solution several weeks ago. I
> >think it's time to finally do something.
> The SPAM is not the problem. The problem is the rant that continue long
> after the SPAM has gone. In this case, there was a single email SPAM
> followed by forty F***ING replys bitching about all the SPAM coming from the
> list.
> The SPAM is not the problem... The real problem is the members that refuse
> to shut the hell up!
> Take your whining somewhere else!
> SteveRob
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