List Management - RESPONSE

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sat Mar 16 10:00:28 2002

I do have issue with commercial advertising on this list, but I certainly have
no problems of any sort with the way in which the list and all the associated
problems have been managed.

If there's a problem with SPAMming on the list, it's most likely not because
of what the list manager has done, but because of what others who use the list
haven't. SPAMmers love to find things like this list, where a single message
is distributed widely with no effort or cost borne by them. Do you think
there'd be VCF SPAM if the organizer had to pay a nickel for every destination
to which his message is delivered? Now lots of the folks on this list are
interested in what's up with VCF, and that's a SPAMmer's target. It doesn't
do the SPAMmer any good to send his message to folks completely uninterested
in it. It's the occasional interested party that's his target.

It's true, a little discipline would help the list quite a bit. One thing
that would help everyone would be if the subject line changed along with the
topic. There's also been enough discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of
eBay, that we all know, by now, that some folks like it and some don't.
Blaring on about that won't change anybody's mind. It's been nearly a year
since the last time Sellam and I got in to a flame-fest about law and order.
I'm not going to promote another, however. If Sellam and I can display a
little restraint, perhaps others can, as well.

I'm also not going to get behind a movement among folks who've never run a
list like this one to move the admin responisibility from an experienced hand
to one less experienced. The time and resource demands are too great,
particularly if one hasn't done it before, and I'd recommend people
investigate what THEY can do themselves to prevent the address of this list
from finding its way into spammers'address harvesters, such as disguising it
when referring to it in newsgroups, etc, before they ask the list
administrator to do their work for them or to implement draconian measures to
compensate for their own unwillingness to to the work. I doubt there's
anything one can do about the OT stuff and irrelevant titles ... since folks
often hit 'send' before they think ... and I'm among them.


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> Jay West wrote:
> >
> > Please read the entire message below from the list admin (who is trying
> > hard not to come out of his skin and choke someone)...
> Jay, count me as one who is quite satisfied with your handling of this
> listserver!
> I find the change of subject but not changing the subject line annoying
> and do pretty much the same thing you do with them. Yup, I do lose some
> good info, but good is relative; it is not worth my time to parse each
> message to try and find something of interest.
> Again, the spam is not a problem; it is the multiple complaints about
> the spam that helps lowers the S/N ratio (which is already pretty low)
> of this listserver. But again, this is a subscriber responsibility
> issue, and I like the way you have been handling it.
> > I have listened to the discussion about SPAM, I have been talking to
> > on the list privately about it, and I will announce my intended solution
> > soon as I am damn well ready to commit to something. Yes, I have a
> > solution, it does NOT involve moderating the list, and as soon as I am
> > satisfied that it is the best route to go, I will post it on the list for
> > final discussion in case some people vehemently disagree with it.
> Another indication that you are doing a good job!!! Keep up the good
> work!!!
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