Diags/Boot image for Altos 580

From: Doc Shipley <drdidlittl_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sat Mar 16 13:18:01 2002

  Bleh. MDR's mailserver is down, and I can't get in to fix it till
  Well, the Altos 580 ended up costing me $5 and "a future favor".
Tyler couldn't find any of the floppy disks for it.
  It looks fine inside, except that the case fan was unplugged from the
PSU. After finding the power header & plugging it in, I understand
It does speak VT100, on RS232 port "JC" (Thanks, Andreas!) and boots to
"Boot Monitor v7.03". Passes system tests, and attempts to boot from
the hard drive. The activity light on the floppy drive comes on and
stays on.
  I don't think the hard drive, a CMI CM-5619, is powering up at all.
If it is it's incredibly quiet....
  Anyway, I don't have any way to test the system. I did find an
archive of MP/M II for it, but the zip file isn't in any image format.

  Does anyone have the install disks, and the Diagnostics/utilities
disk, or disk images? And a way to create the disks on a Linux box?
They are DD/DS floppies, right?
  Does this thing care what MFM disk it has?

  More junkyard fun....


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