boards drilled and undrilled

From: John Chris Wren <>
Date: Sat Mar 16 16:26:02 2002

        I have no idea how the double quotes that were used to indicate inches (10
inches by 15 inches) were turned into +ACI-. I've never seen before, and I
believe it was sent as plain text, although I am not 100% sure (since I have
already deleted the message).

        I use Protel, but I have a registered copy, so I can't tell you what
packages are available. I thought that EasyTrax or one of the others had an
option where you could buy 1000 pins or so for $19 or $29. At any rate, it
seemed pretty inexpensive.

        You haven't indicated how many ICs, etc are on the board, only the
dimensions. Perhaps with a little more information, some better suggestions
could be offered. Oh, and somewhere I ran across a site that compared the
major CAD packages, along with cost, features, etc. Perhaps a
search for "PCB layout packages reviews" or something may turn it up. Once
I had settled on Protel, I pretty much forgot what I knew about the rest.


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> John Chris Wren wrote:
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> > has a deal of any board up to
> 10+ACI- x 15+ACI-, double sided, plated through holes, solder
> mask on both sides, and silk screen on one side for +ACQ-33.
> >
> > Files need to be in Gerber format (they may support
> others, I'm not aware of it). Any of the free or lite CAD
> packages will produce files in the format you need.
> I am not sure just how to read "10+ACI- x 15+ACI-" but all the 'lite' or
> 'demo' software
> I have seen has a pin limit of 500 pins or a size limit of 4" x 3".
> Since right now I am on a shoe string and doing a PCB layout the only
> usable ones I have seen are Easytrax for dos, PCB? for linux/unix.
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