IBM 7010 Photo (Re: What Computer is This and Who is This Guy?)

From: Jay Jaeger <>
Date: Sat Mar 16 17:46:20 2002

To everbody who tried to answer this last fall: You all got it wrong. 8^)

It happens to be an IBM 7010, a close relative of the IBM 1410. This is
the first Internet picture I have ever seen of a 7010.

The 1410 and the 7010 are the same architecture: the 1410 was built out of
a logic family similar to RTL used on the 1401. The 7010 was built out of
ECL and DTL like a 7090 or 7094. The pull-handle on the cabinet and the
precise layout of the lines on the console is making me say 7010.

I am 100% certain. I worked with a 1410 and have written a simulator,
which I have not yet released, and I have a picture of a 7010 in a manual
sent to me by Nick Spalding.

Nice picture. I'd like to see the original so I could scan it in at a
higher resolution.

There are other 1410 photos on the internet -- compare them and you will
see the high degree of similarity, but if you look at the horizontal light
area above the console you will see the difference between the original
1415 console for the 1410 and the 1415 Model 2 for the 7010.

Compare it to: (this 1410 had 7330
tape drives -- they are shorter)
And: (scroll down to the
IBM 1410 and then click on the photo link)
Or, see a watercolor painting of a 1410 at :

The tape drives are IBM 729's. Probably IBM 729 II's or IV's

The CPU cabinets are to the left of the leftmost tape drive.

The Console is the 7010 console: Specifically the IBM 1415 Model 2. It

      IBM 7010 Processing

I have no idea who the "guy" is.

Jay Jaeger

At 11:34 AM 10/25/2001 -0700, Dan McDonald wrote:
>Here's a picture from 1966 of an IBM computer at the IBM computing center
>on Manhattan (New York City, New York USA). The text for the photo says
>that the computer is being used to make a payroll calculation.
>Visible are 4 big-fridge-sized reel-reel tape devices, the console with
>operator seated at it, and some other things in the background.
>What's the computer model? Does anybody know who this guy (operator) is/was?
>Just a neat photo.
>It's about a 150k jpg file at this url:
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