Bob's Netscrape crash

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Sun Mar 17 15:16:57 2002


What version of Netscape and what OS? Netscape has been very stable for
me. I'm using 4.77, I think. I've used others, such as 4.08, and have
never had problems with it munching my mail..... I admit it does crash
sometimes. I did use Kaufmans MailWarrior for a little while. I liked
it because of it's small size, but whenever it crashed..... it would
almost always eat my crunch my email. I'm using Win98, BTW. I have
kicked around the idea of switching to Eudora.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Bob Shannon wrote:
> Eric & Al,
> I've had a Netscrape crash, and it corrupted my mailbox. As a result I've lost
> all the emails we exchanged in making arangements for the machine Eric is
> comming to get.
> Please email me off the list so we can coordinate this!
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