DSQD Drives (Was: RE: Diags/Boot image for Altos 580)

From: ajp166 <ajp166_at_bellatlantic.net>
Date: Sun Mar 17 19:01:20 2002

The best way to write QD media is to use a TEACFD55GFV or
FD55F as both work. Then the actual media is the BROWN or
360k stuff that has been bulk erased. The resulting disks will
be reliable aswsuming the drive hasn't been munged or the
formating incorrect. A PC FDC can drive these drives and
will/can format them.

You will need a utility program that does disk reading and
formatting with CP/M formats.

FYI: the TEAC drives are my favorite for any 80track format
either single or double sided. I use them as substition
for RX50s as well.

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