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From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Mon Mar 18 10:52:26 2002

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> From: Jay West []

> Please read the entire message below from the list admin (who
> is trying very
> hard not to come out of his skin and choke someone)...

I, for one, wouldn't blame you if you did.

> You wrote...
> > > > I don't think Jay has enough time to manage the list anymore. I
> suggest
> > > > we find a new operator.

> What color is the sky in your world?

I don't recall whether I responded to this, myself,
but my response would have been along the same lines.

> As a side comment - It's rather amusing that some people have
> told me I do
> too much, others are now telling me I do too little. Hummm

Too much, in the sense of "you don't really have to
do all of this?" Or too much as in "you're getting
heavy handed?" I find the latter hard to believe,
but would agree with the former. It's been said
before, though, this is your list, no matter how much
some people may like to complain about it.

> For example - take a look at the subject of this thread "Big African
> Grifters". Hummm ya think maybe that might be something I
> wouldn't care to
> read? Why did I finally see this convo? Because someone had

I have to offer the observation that if everyone did
this, they'd just delete all the emails with the
subject "Make Money Fast_at_!@@!@!!!!", and this spam
thing would never come up. :)

Some people have a strange need to read every piece
of spam that they come across, even if they're
marked clearly.

> the forsight to
> put "list management" at the front of the subject. I submit
> that most people
> skim the list the same way I do, watching the subject lines
> for something

Well, see my comment above. ;)

> on the list privately about it, and I will announce my
> intended solution as
> soon as I am damn well ready to commit to something. Yes, I

Anyway, the point of this was to express my support
of your basically doing whatever you "damn well"
please with your time, resources, and mailing list.


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Amdocs - Champaign, IL

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