offline drives: Re: MVII Diags Chapter 2

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Tue Mar 19 13:34:27 2002

emanuel stiebler wrote:

> Doc wrote:
>> I don't know, but I think I'm missing something too. Do the diags
>>just show a dead drive as "offline"?
>> I put the original RD54 back in as drive 0 and no longer get the RQDXA
>>errors from the diags, but both drives 1&2, RD53s, are showing as
>>offline RD51s. What's up with that?
> Cable is twisted ?

Unlikely. The cables (at least in my small uVAX-11 cabinet) the
cables run fairly straight and it's obvious which way they are
plugged in.

Doc, to be sure, is your diagnostics showing any drive type?
You say "offline RD51". Mine is just saying "offline" and does not
say anything about "RD51" or whatever. If yours does, you are
better off than me.

We now know that all drives have to be jumpered #3, the only question
is now, what jumpers have to be plugged for this to be done right
with my drive (and I don't even know the exact type, blush :-) It's
a Micropolis, but don't see any identification other than a lengthy
part #.


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