playing with the VAX 6460

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Tue Mar 19 15:53:16 2002

> Gunther Schadow wrote:
>PPS: Have your guys ever tried to build Ultrix from sources? I
>some critical pieces missing, like /usr/sys/sys/kern_lmf.c and

        Having used Ultrix maybe for a few days total
        (and that was perhaps five years ago) I'm
        probably not in the class of user that builds
        it from sources :-) but I'll try not to let that
        inhibit me from replying ...

        The lmf bit of the filename suggests
        Licence Management Facility to me.
        DEC never intended this as anything
        other than a tripwire (at least on
        OpenVMS) meaning that although
        you could fairly easily get around it,
        you'd have a hard time arguing in court
        that you just typed in something by
        accident! Giving away the sources
        would have lowered the "energy barrier"
        too much, so it was always dropped
        from the OpenVMS Source Listings
        distribution. AFAIK, all LMF implementations
        were based on the same core ideas, so
        it would have been hard to release
        the innards on any platform.

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