Ultrix source (was Re: playing with the VAX 6460)

From: Gunther Schadow <gunther_at_aurora.regenstrief.org>
Date: Tue Mar 19 16:32:28 2002

Eric Dittman wrote:

>>>PPS: Have your guys ever tried to build Ultrix from sources? I found
>>>some critical pieces missing, like /usr/sys/sys/kern_lmf.c and possibly
>>Hmmm... I wonder how *that* could have been misplaced? :-)
> They've never shipped the LMF source as part of the standard
> Ultrix/Digital Unix/Tru64/VMS source.
>>Even as an OEM _with_ a $35K AT&T source license (still have a photo-
>>copy of that for an expensive wall hanging!) we didn't have full
>>Ultrix source, just full SYS III and SYS V source for 11/780 and
>>11/750 (respectively), AFAIK.
>>Did DEC ever make "full Ultrix Source" an add-on software product?
> I believe you could get the full source for any of the operating
> systems for megabucks and an NDA.

Well, I do have the UNIX source license :-). It's somehow a weird
thing with those Ultrix sources, they sometimes materialize in
cyberspace out of nothing. I'm not even sure I have them or ever
had them. But it sure would be nice if Compaq could be convinced
to make this available. I guess that many, many classic computer
folks are walking on a gray area when using any kind of Ultrix
that they may have inherited with an old machine or disk or
purchased off Ebay or whatever.

I did find out/guess that kern_lmf.c is really the key to the
License Management Facility, the thing that among other stuff
keeps me from having more than 2 telnet sessions to my VAX at
the same time. One workaround for the telnet stuff, I heard, is
to simply replace the login program using some BSD sources or
whatever. I'll see if this will do. The kern_lmf.o is an interesting
beast that wants to be peeked inside to see what it does and who
calls it etc. I suppose it is not so critical after all if one
can make a dummy replacement for it.


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