From: Marvin Johnston <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Wed Mar 20 10:35:27 2002

Hans Franke wrote:
> > The London Science Museum is open every day (AFAIK), and is now free for
> > everyone to go in.
> I couldn't find an A1, but there was a nice Apple ][ (no plus)
> on display. It's been my first visit to the museum, and I'm
> somewhat thorn apart. On one hand some real nice artefacts and
> great explanations (Shure, brit-centric, but who expects different).
> But then again some 'new' parts which i'd rather call advertisement
> areas. Wasing an awfull lot of space for colourfull nothing. Also
> (qualified) maintainance of existing areas seams to be a problem.

As I stop and think about it, selling display areas for advertising new
stuff would be one source of revenue to help with keeping such a museum
open. Sounds like a good idea to me!!!
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