list changes & RFC on archives & rack chassis

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Wed Mar 20 13:30:12 2002

On March 20, David Woyciesjes wrote:
> Dave - what/where are the web mail services that don't send html
> mail?

  I investigated this some time ago and found several; I didn't keep a
record of them though.

> Or even a service I can telnet/ssh into for e-mail...

  For the latter, a friend of mine runs a shell account service...I
will ask her if she's interested in a little publicity; if she is I'll
send a message to the list about it.

> I'm going to be switching to a new ISP for home (Comcast cable), so
> this is a good time to really start some SPAM prevention measures...

  Sounds like a good idea.


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