list changes & RFC on archives & rack chassis

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Wed Mar 20 15:19:36 2002

On Mar 20, 10:53, Jay West wrote:

> A) Reject posts to the list which contain any kind of HTML content. I
> this would be fairly unobtrusive - most people don't want HTML posts here
> anyways.

This would reject a lot of spam, I think, but would reject some "real"
posts as well. Personally, I find the multipart/alternative posts aren't
too hard to deal with, it's the ones that use odd MIME settings (like
multipart/signed and various other unnecessary stuff) that irritate me

> B) I also like the 'self-policing' idea of making posts to the list from
> non-subscribers get a subject tag of [OL] or something like that. This
one I
> am not sure how to do off the top of my head, but would think it pretty
> straightforward. Comments?

I think that's a good idea. Then people can do their own filtering if they
want -- by eye if not by procmail or similar. I'd be very happy with that.

> 2) WRT the archives at THAT is a project I have fallen
> far behind in. When I moved the list from the old ISP to the new ISP (me
> both cases, long story)... something broke in getting emails from the
> to the archive mechanism. I noticed this maybe a month ago, and when I
> started digging into it I realized it was time for a change - the
> there are not searchable and that just isn't acceptable.

I really miss the archive. I find the threading very useful, and I'd
certainly regard that as an important factor, more so than searching (I can
use Google for that).

However, I have some idea of the resources that go into maintaining lists
and archives, and I'm grateful for what I've got :-) Thank you for
providing it.

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