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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Wed Mar 20 15:26:22 2002

On Mar 20, 12:59, David Woyciesjes wrote:
> > From: Jay West

> > A) Reject posts to the list which contain any kind of HTML content...
> >
> Sounds good to me.
> I think a Reply To Sender telling them why it got rejected might be
> a good thing. Then we might not piss off some 70 year old guy trying to
> his F-1 a good home...

You probably still would, becasue although I've yet to find a mail client
that can't send plain text (every version of Outlook I've seen can),
chances are the 70-year old isn't sure how to change it. My father
certainly wouldn't know how.

> > B) I also like the 'self-policing' idea of making posts to the list
> > non-subscribers get a subject tag of [OL] or something like that.
> Another good idea.
> Can't the system compare the From or ReplyTo field against the
> subscriber list, and take action from there?
> People like me might need some assistance here. You see, my
> e-mail address is Yale ITS just
> an alias for me which is Both work fine, and I
> think both are in the headers of my messages. Confuses some other
> mail systems...

Good point. There are almost certainly people on the list who've
subscribed from a different address than the one they have the mail sent
to. Not insurmountable, but it does need consideraton.

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