Handmade TI980A peripheral (was Re: TI 980B picture)

From: James B. DiGriz <jbdigriz_at_dragonsweb.org>
Date: Wed Mar 20 15:57:42 2002

Ethan Dicks wrote:

> I have no solid knowledge of where this came from, but from the
> construction
> techniques, it's a prototype, not a custom-engineered one-off. The
> connectors are sawed in half for the (original equipment) I/O card,
> and the DMA connector cable adapter is a sawed-up extender card from a
> different bus with stripped ribbon cable ends soldered to the traces
> (several of which have seperated due to poor technique). I have at least
> three components which have fallen out and several broken wires, making
> a full schematic impossible. It might be able to document enough to deduce
> what it does, but not precisely how it does it.
> The 980 was used as a process controller, AFAIK. This is probably some
> custom interface to some data collection equipment and perhaps some
> actuators for use in the school electronics lab. I doubt this came out
> of TI, given how it's put together.

It wouldn't have to be TI, and my brother-in-law the electronics tech
would tell you that if that if the workmanship leaves something to be
desired, that's a sure sign of a college-boy engineer :-) (Or maybe a
pinch-hitting academic generalist? Nah.) So they might not leap forward
to take credit at this point, but that hardly means the design is
without merit.

I appreciate your position. It's not the parts themselves that matter as
much as the design in any case. A good, clear set of photos with
sufficient detail and resolution (ie. you can read part numbers) should
suffice to ward off entropy. Plus you are putting the components to good

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