Vintage hardware trivia quiz [funny]

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Wed Mar 20 17:21:50 2002

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Are you an old bastard?

7. >Clunka Clunka Clunka< is the sound you would most associate with:
A. The Clothes Dryer
B. A washing machine with an imbalanced load
C. A flat tyre on your car
D. A tape safe door shutting repeatedly on an annoying user's foot
E. An imbalanced DEC RM05 Disk assembly moving around the computer room by itself during a head crash

8. You drop a screwdriver down a ventilation hole in the powersupply at
the back of a VAX 11/780. You expect:
A. A very careful removal process
B. A powersupply failure
C. A nasty >crack< noise
D. Power outage to the computer room?
E. Looting of the shops in the two adjacent streets after the local transformer trips out

9. The nine-track tape you're using is having problems reading some
very important survey data for some critical research - only getting
half-way through the tape before failing. You would:
A. Clean the read heads, which probably are dirty
B. Have the tape sent to a commercial data recovery centre
C. A, then reduce the temperature of the computer room, and try to complete the read
D. Report the failure to the user
E. Just cut and repeatedly paste data from the beginning of the data file
until the file's up to size

10. The greatest danger to the RA60 removable hard disk media was:
A. Not being locked into the drive spindle tightly
B. Not being able to be removed from the drive spindle after use
C. Disk damage if the cover lock unlatched itself during use
D. Dirty read heads
E. A preventative maintenance by the Engineer

11. The correct combination of carefully timed disk seeks on the drives
in an RA80 disk drive rack could cause:
A. A 'Tune' to play
B. A Small vibration
C. A Large vibration
D. A very large vibration
E. The disk rack to run in 'horizontal' mode

12. A user has been looking through the sad remnants of their life and
found a large box of several thousand punchcards of their undergraduate
work, which they would like you to do something with. A good Administrator
A. Call a Computer Museum and get them read
B. Write a quick program to interface to a scanner and read them
C. Give the user the Punch card hole code info so they could type them in
D. Throw them in the bin and tell the user that they've been demagnetised
E. Throw them at the user from a fourth-floor window

Sorry, no answers, it says:

There is no key. There is never a key! You don't need one. Not if you're
the real McCoy! Not if you can clockchip your car computer to get an extra
two miles an hour out of the old Rustang before it drops it's driveshaft
after the excess vibration. Not if you remember the heady days of a card
punch machine that was so loud it had the pensioners down the road digging
trenches and sorting out their meat rations.

But we can take votes.


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