Destruction of DEC

From: <(>
Date: Wed Mar 20 18:06:35 2002

What ought to happen to these asswipes should be what
happened to the company I used to work for:

The 'aggressor' company purchased a competitor, but
by so doing, bit off *way* more than it could chew,
incurring hevy debtload and ensuing layoffs.

The whole bloody mess will be in bankruptcy court
before the year is out.

Serves 'em both right . . . .


On Wed, 20 Mar 2002 17:00:05 -0700 "Richard Erlacher" <>
> It's more a question of whether Compaq will do to HP what DEC did to
> Compaq.
> In either case, I'm glad I don' t hold any HP stock.
> Dick

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