From: Allison <>
Date: Thu Mar 21 07:34:10 2002

From: Tony Duell <>
>> I've just got hold of a DEC MiniMINC - supposedly an LSI/11 woth 2 8"
>> floppy drives (I've not had a good look at it yet as I've spent all day
>> installing Solaris 8 on the SPARCstation 10 I picked up at the same time
>> ;). Anyone have any more information about this beast?
>If it's the machine I think it is, it's closely related to the PDT11/150.
>There is an LSI11 in there, but with some odd (by PDP11 standards)

Nope, It's an LSI-11/02 Qbus machine woith a small cage and rack
and RX01(maybe an 02). You need Qbus for the varions analog IO
and digitial IO cards.

>I am not sure how the miniMINC differes from a PDT11/150. By rights, the
>miniMINC should have some kind of 'lab' I/O (ADC, etc), but I have no
>details of that.

The PDT11/150 has no user bus and the oly IO is serial. It is however
the same LSI-11 chip set but no provision for the EIS/FIS. Yes, I know
you can piggy back one of the microms to do that but the board only
has 4 40 pin sockets that are filled where the LSI-11/03 Qbus board has 5.

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