VAX 6460 being slow, IO bottlenecks and SMP woes ...

From: Allison <>
Date: Thu Mar 21 07:40:49 2002

From: Gunther Schadow <>

>Yes, so, let's suppose that ULTRIX didn't take full advantage
>of the hardware, but nothing can get me back to using VMS. That's
>for sure.

Ultrix was not nearly as well developed as VMS for multiple CPU
and cluster configs. Available user performance on a 6k system
with decent disks was very high under VMS but under ultrix is
was a less appealing system. I'd used an identical pair while at
DEC with both ultrix and VMS and the ultrix system was a bit doggy
even at lighter user loads (no one liked it).

Comparing it to a 486... no contest with a pot load of users. the
i486 does not have the system robustness and IO capability.

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