Destruction of DEC

From: John Allain <>
Date: Thu Mar 21 10:20:41 2002

As for the title of this thread...

Has anyone documented the fall of DEC?
I mean, most of us know it, but it's just in our memories.
It could be culled from searching 3++GByte of comp.sys.dec,
    but who has the time?
If I recall correctly, it played out like so:

    Field service group transitioned from chip level responsibility
        to board level. (resulting in poorer svc performance)
    Ken Olsen replaced by Robert Palmer.(strained)
    Strategic shift to the Alpha processor. (mostly succesful)
    Corporate main bought by Compaq.
        (This for the sales & service groups, already in trouble)
    Merger layoffs. (inevitable, unfortunately)
    Microprocessor operations sold to Microsoft.
        (a wintel coup for Intel, carried out by MS)
    VAX HW architecture phased out (to Alpha) while under
        Compaq. (not politically motivated)
     VMS operating system future development cut.
     Alpha chip development cut. (in pure resignation to Intel)
     Management control gained by main DEC competitor HP.

Corrections and Additions welcomed.

John A.
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