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From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Thu Mar 21 11:54:02 2002

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> From: Ethan Dicks <>
> >I know that some people (very few) have technological
> impediments that
> >force them into HTML (Outlook, etc., I think).

> This is bunk! Outlook can and does post without html, it's
> easy to turn
> off.

Ok, I'll agree that it can and does, since I am
unfortunately forced to use it by corporate edict. :(

I will argue that it's not "easy" to turn off. "Easy"
would be a button that says "don't ever post a message
with HTML." There is no such option. It must be turned
off as a default, and then still on a per message basis
every time you don't want to respond to somebody who's
used HTML with another HTML message.

So I will agree completely with you if you will replace
"easy" with "cumbersome at best."


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