SGI Dials & Buttons and no P/S

From: Hans Hübner <hans_at_Huebner.ORG>
Date: Thu Mar 21 12:38:40 2002

Hi there,

I've recently acquired a set of SGI dials and buttons. These are two units:
The dialbox has SGI P/N 9980992 and is manufactured by Danaher Controls with
Model # DLS80-1022. The buttonbox has SGI P/N 9980991 and is manufactured by
Advanced Input Devices with Model # CMN B018B.

I have not received any cabling with the units and also I have no power
supply. Using google, I could not find any useful information on how these
units are expected to be supplied with power. There are some references to
SGI boxes which provide for power supply on some serial ports, but these where
pretty unspecific and did not reference these exact models.

Does anyone reading this have a set of these and can help me with getting the
pinout and the expected voltages for the power supply for these units?

Thanks in advance,

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