From: Allison <>
Date: Thu Mar 21 14:39:48 2002

From: Tony Duell <>

>But the MiniMINC I came across looked just like a PDT11/150.
>Approximately cubical, with 2 8" drives one on top of the other. I didn't
>have a chance to dismantle it, so I have no idea what the internals were
>like, but I'd be suprised if there were Qbus slots in it.

It's a plain PDT11/150, as a MINC it's useless as there are none of the
lab IO items that made the larger QBUS ones useful. One exception is if
your systems talk via serial IO then it was a pretty useful box.

Now the PDT11/130 (same thing with TU58 instead of RX01 similar) could
be used the same way... I think not.

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