Toilett processing (Was: ZX-TEAM meeting and Webcam)

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Thu Mar 21 16:30:37 2002

> Rumor has it that Douglas Quebbeman may have mentioned these words:
> > -- and I said originally --
> >> I remember seeing greenbar, pinfed *bedsheets* a long time
> >> ago... I wonder if any company's still making them. ;-)
> >If not, someone has a lot of it in stock...
> >
> >I bought a brand new box of 20lb greenbar at Office Despot
> >in June 2001 for $38.00.
> I was really talking about the bedsheets - I think they'd be a cool part of
> 'retro dream-computing...' and might be quite rare nowadays...

I *caught* the bedsheet reference, and took it for metaphor...

    metaphors be with you

> I have a color lazer with serial/parallel/ethernet ports, full Postscript 2
> capability, 2G SCSI hard drive, and 112Meg RAM - I can print from most any
> classic machine I have (some multiport, like my Tandy 200, can print on the
> serial & parallel interfaces... ;-) so actual greenbar paper isn't ezactly
> at the top of my list...

But how do you get 8.5x11 paper to fit in your DECwriter LA-120?

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