DEC VRE01-AA Plasma screen monitor

From: Fred deBros <>
Date: Thu Mar 21 18:24:25 2002

Ok Dittmann got away with it for about half the usual price.
I hope he lives in a cold state as these things generate a heck of a lot
of heat!
But they are the geekiest screens I have ever owned. And theres a big
real estate to cover in mono! Real gorgeous and an attention getter
every time. I was told these thingys cost 20 k when new 91! I
wonder who other than the INS bought them. There were quite a few made
and there are still plenty around.

I hope we can get a group together to make them work on X!

I did, some years ago and I still have the xf86config file.
It has to be on a sync-on-green video card, of course: Matrox millenium
(or mystique?) I forget. There are others.

But after that I got into incorrectible trouble:
In regular svga --8bpp it throws a moir? on dithered screens of 1000x800
more or less. Ugly. Too d....bad! I gave up on them. I could never
figure why. Later on I wondered:

Has anyone tried -bpp2, 4 or 6? In xinitrc or startx --bppnnn?

I wish I could use mine better than as dumb decscreens on a vaxserver
or as a mono std out on my netbsd VAX.What a waste of beautiful
technology! Think of the cockpit simulators one could do with that
glowing thing!

        For those that might be interested in it, there's a VRE01-AA
on eBay right now with a 'buy-it-now' price of $100.

        As usual, I have no connection with the auction, I'm just
passing the info on in case anyone here is interested.

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