Source code for 805x line-by-line assembler?

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Mar 22 00:19:58 2002

I don't know that I follow that logic. The 805x series has 64KB of code
space, and 64KB of data space, and most applicatons likely to benefit from the
presence of a line-by-line assembler have a scheme for overlapping the two,
usually in part, since fixed code space resides at the bottom of code space
and fixed data space resides at the bottom of the data map.

Current versions of that (805x) core have considerably more internal resources
than the classic versions. The one I'm presently fiddling with has 16KB of
internal code space and 1.25KB of internal RAM, all in addition to the 64KB of
external code space and 64KB of data space. Moreover, it executes a
single-cycle instruction in 20 ns.

Since errors are often introduced in transcription, that's the part I was
trying to avoid, if an entire already completed line-by-line assembler isn't
to be found.


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> The reason for that is generally memory. The Apple II monitor had a nice
> little one built in, and it was a work of art, as far as the opcode
> compression and decoding table went. One time (many years ago), I stripped
> that portion out of the Apple monitor for another personal project. You
> could do the same. It wasn't very difficult to do, just a bit of typing.
> --John
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> > The 805x microcontrollers have been around since the mid-80's,
> > yet I've never
> > seen a monitor program for them with a "quick-and-dirty" line-by-line
> > assembler in it as many of the debuggers for the MOT monitors
> > have. Do any of
> > you guys have a source file of a line-by-line assembler for the
> > 805x series
> > that can easily be adapted for inclusion in a monitor?
> >
> > thanx,
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> > Dick
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