TRS-80 pocket (Was: I'm looking for ___, will trade ___.)

From: Feldman, Robert <>
Date: Fri Mar 22 10:33:00 2002

Unfortunately, the only handy source for LCD screens for pocket/palmtops is
another palmtop (i.e., one that is broken in some other way. The screens
generally were custom ordered, and are not found on the surplus market. This
is certainly the case for the HP LX palmtops. Thaddeus Computing, the main
repair center in the US for the LX, cannibalizes broken units for parts to
fix ones sent to them for repairs.

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This reminds me...

I have a "pocket" computer, which is, as far as I can tell,
nearly identical to the above TRS-80, except made by some
other company. (Don't remember which) Does anyone know a
source for LCD screens for these things? My screen is
cracked, and I'd actually like to use this thing again.
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