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From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Fri Mar 22 10:58:14 2002

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> Unfortunately, the only handy source for LCD screens for
> pocket/palmtops is
> another palmtop (i.e., one that is broken in some other way.
> The screens
> generally were custom ordered, and are not found on the
> surplus market. This
> is certainly the case for the HP LX palmtops. Thaddeus
> Computing, the main
> repair center in the US for the LX, cannibalizes broken units
> for parts to
> fix ones sent to them for repairs.

Well, I was hoping I would get lucky with this one, since it's
more like a scientific calculator than a computer. It's a
very long (for a calculator) dot matrix lcd. One single line,
or maybe two, of good characters, at a relatively low resolution.


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