free Tektronix 7603 manual for shipping costs

From: TMWillis <>
Date: Fri Mar 22 20:22:40 2002

J. Darren Peterson:

I realize you posted the e-mail below two years ago, but I am wondering
if you are still looking for a good home for your Tek 7603 manual. I
just recently acquired one and I am trying to fix it up. You can
contact me at: Thanks for your generosity.

               Fellow Tektronix enthusiast Tom Willis

From: J. Darren Peterson (
Date: 02/21/00-08:17:28 AM Z

I would like to find a home for a Tektronix 7603 / R7603 Oscilloscope
Service Manual and will give it for the cost of shipping. The shipping
will be $3.20 for USPS Priority Mail. I will send to first person to

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