old 6502 source files

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Sat Mar 23 10:14:42 2002

I was perusing some long undisturbed space on one of the drives here and found
a couple of things that might be of use to folks fiddling with old 8-bitters.

Among these is the 6502-based cross-assember for the MC6800 that Wayne Wall
worked up from his PAL-65 assembler. It's in PAL-65 syntax, of course, but,
together with the opcode table, it will serve as a decent cross-assembler,
albeit without macro capability. There are also a couple of other items, some
of which I've recently mentioned before, e.g. the source file for the FOCAL
interpreter that Wayne Wall developed for the Digital Group 6502 CPU board,
but, in this case, adapted for use with Peter Boyle's APEX OS for the
APPLE ][+. It's the same one I distributed to those who wanted it before, but
since it's surfaced again, I'll offer to email it to whoever wants it, since I
got Wayne's permission to do so, provided he doesn't have to get involved in
any way.

There are also a couple of other P65 files, including the Apple RWTS routines
(so you don't have to type them in from the DOS manual) and a printer handler
for one of the popular printer boards for the Apple.

I'm putting this stuff together in a single ZIP file, and you can have that,
as-is. Email me off-list with your request for that file if you want it.

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