SIMTEL (was Re: Source code for 805x line-by-line assembler?)

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Sat Mar 23 11:44:51 2002

> I found a number of hits there from GOOGLE, but found, also, that they were
> apparently out of date and inaccessible.
> A traditional macro-assembler is a wonderful tool, but probably
> for inclusion in a debug monitor intended to reside in the processor's
> on-board ROM.

If you don't mind translating a not too-terribly-long
program for another processor, then I believe MIKBUG
for the 6800 may do ok. My first embedded
systems project was a 6800, and I included MIKBUG in
the ROM so that I could precisely what you want to

The 8051 being a more generous chip register-wise,
translating it shouldn't be difficult.

You can find at least one version here:

Looks like a fun weekend project.

-doug q
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