Tek 2230 _at_ 2232

From: mdg <mdg_at_idirect.com>
Date: Sat Mar 23 23:04:49 2002


Question to you Tek gurus; is the 2230 a true digital scope meaning
that what you see is a digitized signal or is it an analog scope that
has a digital storage function that you turn ON whenever you need to
capture something ?.
Is the 2232 the same in that respect ? .
I remember using one of them years ago at work - I could see a nice
trace of 67 MHz (analog) but I could also use a digital storage function
to capture a 20 kHz event. Now I need one for myself; as for the
digital scopes I've found that the ones I'd accept are those with 2
Gs/sec to be able to see a series of not very repeatable periods at 80
MHz but they are a bit too expensive... .So I need a 100 MHz analog with
digital storage capability at lower freq.
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