HP-85 For Sale

From: Marvin Johnston <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Mon Mar 25 14:40:20 2002

I've got an HP-85 that I am offering to the list before I put it out on
Ebay, the price is $200.00 plus shipping. The unit is fairly heavy
(approximately 75 pounds) as everything is contained in a wooden plywood
box. If the box is not wanted, I can repack it separately which will
reduce the weight.

This includes quite a bit of stuff including approximately 50 tapes
including several that are the original HP tapes, manuals, Rom Pak
cartridge, six rolls of HP Thermal Printer tape, and a modem with the HP
Modem Communications Tape.

This worked the last time I checked, and the only problem was the drive
roller for the tape drive went soft and needs to be replaced before
using. In any case, if it doesn't work (and I'll check it out before
shipping), I have several and will make sure the one that ships works

Manuals included are:

HP-85 Matrix Rom Manual
HP-85 I/O Programming Guide
HP-85 Math PAC (copy, not original)
HP-85 Games PAC (copy, not original)
HP-85 Text Editing PAC (copy, not original)
HP-85 Plotter/Printer Rom Manual
HP-85 Owner's Manual and Programming Guide
HP-85 Standard PAC
HP-85 Assembly-Level Service Manual (copy, not original)
Advanced Programming ROM
HP-IB Installation and Teory of Operation Manual
HP-IB Peripheral Installation Instructions
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