Unix disk images and archiving

From: James L. Rice <jrice_at_texoma.net>
Date: Mon Mar 25 19:13:58 2002

I've started using dd to store an images on an internal ftp server. I
had an extra P3 and motherboard, so I set it up with 4 80gb hard
drives. Lots of room. I've started dumping all of the stuff that I've
downloaded over the past 10-15 years (back to the BBS days). Gets rid
of all of the clutter of floppy disks, CD, etc.


Jeff Hellige wrote:
> >Jeff, after I emailed you my answer last night, I was thinking that
> >you should be able to just "dd" the images to a files:
> Thanks...I wasn't sure if dd would handle it or not. My plan
> is to dump the disk to images, copy them over Appletalk to my G3 for
> storage and burn them to CD. I'll also try to dump the image back to
> disk using the Pinnacle, one disk image per side.
> Jeff
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