DEC PROFESSIONAL article needed

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Mon Mar 25 19:33:15 2002

>"Zane H. Healy" wrote:

> >> This is needed as part of their work on invalidating Patent 6,185,681
> >> Here is the link about it from /.
> >>
> >> "A previously unknown Californian firm which has obtained a patent for
> >> application-independent file encryption is seeking to enforce
> >> licensing from
> >> other companies in the security industry. "
> Apparently Glenn contacted them, he's the one that provided the rather
> sketch information on the article.

Jerome Fine replies:

It took a while to see which volumes I still have. I think
I see 1987 to 1990. If Glenn has a suggestion of which year
it might be and the actual name of the article, that would help.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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