ancient terminals, was: Re: ZX-81 Question

From: Stan Barr <>
Date: Tue Mar 26 12:56:43 2002


Jochen Kunz <> said:

> On 2002.03.26 12:55 Hans Franke wrote:
> > This construction reminded me of
> > 1970 style 'inteligent' terminals where screen buffer was more like a
> > code of some sort to be executed by the diplay processor which was a
> > micro code engine itself.
> And that reminds me of the Tektronix ASCII Terminal I rescued lately.
> Characters are drawn only once and the analog "memory" display tube
> keeps the dots fluoresceing. No screen refresh! This is one of the
> Terminals where you can see that Tektronix is well known for
> oscilloscopes...

On this subject of odd monitors, who used to make a monitor which drew
the characters on the screen by scanning 25 lines and wobbling the spot?

Stan Barr
The future was never like this!
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