Unix disk images and archiving

From: Carl Lowenstein <cdl_at_proxima.ucsd.edu>
Date: Tue Mar 26 14:39:38 2002

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> Subject: Re: Unix disk images and archiving
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> Jeff, after I emailed you my answer last night, I was thinking that you
> should be able to just "dd" the images to a files:
> dd if=/dev/<insert device here> of=/tmp/name-of-image-file.here
> I create floppy images by:
> dd if=/dev/rfd0b of=/tmp/3.3_Mot_Boot_Disk.floppyimage
> You should be able to do the same for the OD images. It takes about 5
> minutes to create a floppyimage (1.44mb) on my Turbo Slab, so the
> process won't be fast on a whole 256mb OD. You may have to create a
> disktab entry for the Pinnacle Micro Optical Drive, but I've got a Jaz
> and a Zip working on my Slab, so I'm sure it's very doable.

Presumably using partition "h" which is the whole disk, including the
"front porch" area where the bootstrap and partition table live.

When I did something analogous to this to save my old NeXT OD's, I
did not try to preserve the bootstrap etc. Just copied the whole
file system to a DAT tape using GNUtar, then extracted it on a SparcStation,
and built and burned an ISO CDrom. The result was readable on the NeXT,
but of course not bootable.

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