SWTPc 6800 update

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Tue Mar 26 17:57:02 2002

> >RAM, serial card, CPU card, and disk controller. Overall, a pretty
>>nice setup..
> OK don't rub it in! :-/

        Rubbing it in would've been mentioning that the exact same
KIM-1 setup I just picked up for near nothing had an identical twin
on eBay go for $400..<g>

        One thing odd about the 6800 though is that there is a 36pin
ribbon cable going from the bottom of the mainboard to a D-shell
connector on the rear of the machine. Most of the wires from the
ribbon cable are soldered to various points on the SS-50 bus. The
guy I got it from doesn't have a clue what it was used for. Another
interesting point is that what I thought was a 6800/2, based on the
rear of the case, would appear to be an earlier machine based on all
of the boards inside. All of them are of the original set vice the
later updated/modified ones.

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