QL-Quality (Was: ZX-81 Question)

From: Adrian Vickers <avickers_at_solutionengineers.com>
Date: Tue Mar 26 20:42:35 2002

At 00:13 27/03/2002, you wrote:

>Well, I found the QL keyboard to be very unpleasant to use...

Quirky, not "unpleasant". Definitely quirky...

>Err, a serious business computer (which is what the QL was sold as in the
>UK, at least initially) does not require you to make your own media.

The trouble was the price. Sinclair would have had to approximately double
the machine's price - and quite possibly size & weight - to get a disk
drive in (forget the Amstrad 3" wreckages, they're about as reliable as

Granted, the QL would possibly have enjoyed more success that way, but
Sinclair is Sinclair.

>In any case, unreliability was still a problem. And I, for one, am not
>going to use a computer where I can't be certain of being able to read my
>files back again.

I'll happily relieve you of any old QL stuff you still have...

Cheers, Ade.
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