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From: Allison <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 13:25:35 2002

Whats hardware dependent about the VMS version? The unix version
assumes a locally connected "head" or a Xserver/Xterm system.

The terminal can be others as I belive some of the later VT clones
also had it. Also if you running a DEC system that has a "head"
that implied terminal does both DECwindows and Multisessions.


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Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 1:38 PM
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>On Wed, 27 Mar 2002, Allison wrote:
>> Yes, If you use a terminal like VT330, 340or later there is
>> what VMS calls multisessions. Some fo the LAT servers
>> also support this with more common VT220s or VT320s.
>> I was added late in VMS 4.mumble and later versions.
>> This is not decwindows which is GUI based.
>> What multisession allows is several virtual terminals over several
>> virtual circuits using one terminal and physical circuit. I use it alot.
> Yeah, that's pretty much what I was talking about. The Unix screen
>tool is hardware-independent, though. The host manages the virtual
>sessions and display. I have an RS/6000 that's usually running with an
>IBM 3151 [1] terminal, and screen & su allow me to be several users or
>run several login sessions.
> An additional feature of screen is its "detach" function. You can log
>in remotely, start screen, start a job that doesn't support detach,
>detach the screen session, and log out. Log in later, reattach from
>screen, and watch your job. Yes, I'm familiar with nohup, but this is
>more convenient if I'm actually watching output.
>[1] - What am I missing here? AFAICT, the 3151 is the lamest, most
>featureless serial terminal of its time. No options, no usefull
>emulations, really bad CRT. Bleah!
> Doc
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