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From: Allison <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 15:13:35 2002

Your assumption was partially correct.

A DEC terminal such as VT340 is required IF your using a
serial connection. (some of the protocal info is in the tube).
There are clones that know how to as well.

Another connection could be an XZY generic terminal
through a latserver.

A PC running the required software to emulate a DEC VT340
or VT420. This software is SETHOST (runs under dos and
was part of pathworks package). NOTE: this can use either
a NIC (LAT) or Serial line.

DEC VT1200 (and others) support multisession via LAT.

OR... any combo of VAXen with tube/keyboard and maybe

Some of those combos are like unix in the overal topology
others require a DEC multisession tube or a clone of same.


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Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 3:51 PM
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>On Wed, 27 Mar 2002, Allison wrote:
>> Whats hardware dependent about the VMS version? The unix version
>> assumes a locally connected "head" or a Xserver/Xterm system.
> Sorry; I misread your original post, and thought that multisessions
>required a later model DEC terminal.
> The unix screen doesn't assume any TERM definition. I've run it from
>serial terminals, ssh sessions, and text-mode logins with a variety of
>term definitions. The Linux, *BSD and AIX versions all set the virtual
>terminal to its own termcap. It makes AIX almost convenient....
> Doc
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